Delhi University and Bangalore University

Background information about Delhi University and Bangalore University

There are two main universities within India, both in separate areas, but both very popular and sought after in the world of education. Graduates every year are literally chomping at the bit to get into one of these two world famous universities, and even though they are rather different, they are both great in their individual ways. The two universities I am talking about, of course, are Delhi University and Bangalore University.

Delhi University is a central university situated in India, Delhi to be precise, as the name quite rightly suggests. It is a government funded University, with money granted from the Indian government and it was initially established in 1922. Not only can the Delhi University offer post-graduate level courses, but it can also offer undergraduate courses as well, making it a preferable favourite in universities in India, apart from Bangalore University.

Delhi University offers a number of faculties, as does Bangalore University, however Bangalore offers slightly less, which is another favourite university in India, and among them are the main university faculties plus law and mathematical sciences, technology, medicine, commerce and business studies and also the arts. Being a favourite university in India, Delhi University is applied to by thousands of graduates every year, making it more popular than ever.

Bangalore University, however, is another favorite within India, and is a public university set in the state of Karnataka, in Bangalore, again in India. Bangalore University is renowned around the world for being one of the oldest and also one of the major leading universities in India. It dates to many years back, to as far back as 1886 and seems to be following the ever growing technology developments within Bangalore and cashing in on it, with more courses being offered that seem to centre around this industry. It does make sense however, and this is perhaps why it provides some of the best graduates in the world!

Bangalore does tend to offer slightly less faculties than Delhi University, but also has more than four hundred colleges in India, Bangalore to be more specific, all of which produce some of the world class graduates which then go on to work in many countries all around the world. The six faculties that are offered by the Bangalore University are law, engineering, education, sciences, arts and also commerce and management.

It is suggested that if you are considering universities around the world that both Delhi University and Bangalore University should be reviewed. With great faculties and learning capabilities, it comes as no great surprise that these two universities are famous all around the world.